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On the festival will also be present TickleToc.Com wich is a filmproductionteam who are making an documental about the swastika. Since there gonna be a concentration of swastika people in the festival their presents is obviously.
I had a an interview with Dominick Crowley who is (Writer/Director/Presenter/Executive Producer) from the documental.

From where you are or your productionteam?

Dominick Crowley
I am originally from Dublin, Ireland but have lived in many varied and interesting countries over the years.
I have lived in such places as Poland and Israel and after many adventures I came back to Ireland.
I returned to Ireland 8 years ago. After my return I teamed up with an old friend from Roscommon in Ireland
and we decided to establish a film production company.
We have been operating for the last 4 years as TickleToc.com. We usually use an Irish based team but for the Swastika documentary
we have enlisted the help of artists and professionals internationally. Canada, U.S, Great Britain, Italy and Israel.

Where comes the intrest for the Swastika from?

Dominick Crowley
B) On my own spiritual journey through life I spent 10 years as a Hare Krishna.
I would often see the Swastika in pujas, services, spiritual paraphanelia and paintings and was very common in my life
and never really dwealt on it. I knew its true meaning from those early monastic days. It was not untill 2009 that I really took
an active interest. A close friend, Phil Cummins of Original Skin Tattoo, invited me to his beautiful country tattoo studio to
document his 8 year old son as he tattooed Phil. I had no idea what his son would tattoo just that I was to point the camera. The tattoo
was of Swastika. Later in the evening, Phil expressed his desire to reclaim the Swastika and spoke with great vigor and intelligence
on the subject. His energy soon passed on to me and soon I too started to see the need for a reclamation.
Through my research for the documentary my interest has become a culmination of my past spiritual adventures and my present pursuit
of artistic and vocational advancement.

I guess you investigate all the parts of the world and use of the
Swastika, nowwadays we have the positive Swastika tattoo as a very big
influence in the altenative scene
how big you gonna use that part in the docu?

Dominick Crowley
D) So many of todays tattooists have read or heard of Manwoman. With the 1989 publication of Modern Primatives, Manwoman's
extensive Swastika tattoos and desire to recaim Swastika reached a wide audience of seasoned and budding tattooists, body artists and
alternative practioners all over the world. Now, near 21 years later, the seed Manwoman planted back then now grows very strongly
within the realms of body artists, tattooists more so.
Ferank Manseed of Mudra Ink is a prime example. Ferank is a traditional Buddhist Hand Poking specialist who travels globally and, on a
person to person level, teaches people about the true meaning of Swastika. My friend Phil Cummins is another. Both active in their
work as tattooist and both as equally active with Swastika. The Tattoo community plays a big a part in the documentary and it would
be impossible to make this documentary without featuring them in a major way.

About the content of the movie what will be the most
imported part in the docu?.

Dominick Crowley
A) The most important part of the documentary, or any documentary, is truth. I could fill the documentary with special effects, V.I.Ps and a full orchestra sound track and try to make it look and feel "all Hollywood" but this would take away from the real feeling of what we are doing. We are after the truth. The information on Swastika we are using has to be examined and cross examined. If we suggest a theory on Swastika, if we give a dating to an artifact or if we see a weak spot in some bodies approach we have expose and present it, warts and all. We are trying to have incontestible fact. No sensationalisim or hyped up content. The truth shines through as they say. So by giving the bare naked data that we are collecting we know that people will see this as the most important part of the documentary

There special things wich you want to add in the docu?
like what?

Dominick Crowley
A)Special effects, V.I.Ps and a full orchestra sound track. I joke. I cant expect the viewer to sit in a chair for 90 minutes, chewing raw data and expect to make an impact. They would be bored and their attention would wander. We will be using different visual effects to illustrate certain points or to enhance a scene. For example, we have thirty five 3D animators preparing a cartoon history of Swastika depicting the evolution from peaceful symbol to detested icon. We also have a digital graphic artist in Canada creating some amazing 3D Swastikas for graphic enhancement of the documentary. Also we have word that 2 well known celebraties may take part as an interviewees. So far everything looks great. A good combination of well researched information and stunning visuals will be sure to add that special something.

How big gonna be the part of the 3rd reich?

Dominick Crowley
A) I would prefer to give a tiny part to discuss the 3rd Reich but in the reality of todays bannings and taboo I have no choice but to address it in a bigger sense. After all, it is due to the actions of the 3rd reich that all this controvercy comes from. With the documentary we are trying to bring a sense of healing and closure in regards to the Nazi's use of Swastika and the deep global psychosis that it has caused. If you were to go to a therapist with a problem he would ask you to address the problem that caused the illness. In that we we must address the activities of the 3rd reich and pick it apart. This could well run through the entire documentary. It would not take over the film but it would have to confronted.

The internet wave of the Swastika movement is also very alive, how
you gonna approuche that?

Dominick Crowley
A) The Internet today is the most important tool for minority groups and organizations to share information and support the continuity of their thoughts and ideals. The World Wide Web has become as valuable as television or news papers in being an integral connection to modern society and its affairs. With the Swastika movement the internet is no different. We have noticed that the movement is extremely strong in this medium and is helping to spread information and views on Swastika. But with all things that allow free speech it also attracts censorship. I myself have had many situations where I am unable to view Swastika images which have been emailed to me, or refused to even use the word in email accounts, forum topics or mail headings. This draws into light the situation that many pro Swastika supportors face with apparent infringments on free speech, freedom of expression and privacy laws. I once was sent an image of a Swastika that when I tried to open it received a message saying that the content was unsuitable for me. So now I am being treated like a 5 year old being told what I can see and what I cant. I can walk into a sex shop and no one would stop me. I could walk into a bar and no one would stop me so why am I stopped from seeing an image that I choose to see, post or send. The internet has its own laws regarding what is legal and what is not, operating outside already established guidlines or government censorship laws. In addressing the Swastika's internet movement we discover more than meets the eye and deserves to be spot lighted. We intend to speek to such people as Amnesty international, human rights lawers and the big boys themselves, Google. So far they have not been the most easiest company to approach but to help the freedom of expression idea that the internet once stood for we must continue to prod and poke untill we get some answer.

Is there also somethig you like to tell?

Dominick Crowley
A)Well the support that is now flooding in is amazing. When I first set out on this journey I had no idea of the extent that people would go to to help us along. It seems that it has now gotten to the extent that we have supportors jumping at us and offering no end of help. I had one Swastika supportor send me a very rare crystal to help with financing the film, another well know personality and Swastika lover offering his art and valuable time. The list goes on and on. But in saying that we are still a long way to go. It will take an extremely dedicated team to carry this project to a pinicle. There have been many times where I have hit a wall and put my hands up saying "What the hell and I doing taking on a project of this magnitude" but the very next moment its like Swastika sends me some inspiration to push me on. It really is a labour of love at this stage but I am too far in now to let small obsticles stop me. The Swastika Reclamation movement has now gone into hyperdrive. Why? I dont know. All I know is what I hear and what I hear is that Swastika is now ready to take the global platform and spread knowledge and truth. I am glad that Swastika has chosen me to be part of this incredible event. I am humbled by the whole experience and hope that Swastika will guide my hands and allow me to present something that will inspire, educate and move people toward welcoming Swastika home.
Presently we are a self financed project with no assistance from the Irish Film Board due to the sensitive subject matter.
We are open to donations and sponsorships to help this socially important project grow into the first class production it deserves to be.
If you would like to get involved please contact Dominick Crowley at myswastik@hotmail.com

To download this brochure from the docu and its makers go here.


  1. you should add some more truth about the swastika, that is its real name
    you should add how it is a mapping system for grids and towns and homes and mush more through mayonic science


  2. In responce to your comment. We will be discussing Swastika in Geometery and other linear sciences. Dont worry, we will discuss such subjects in the documentary.
    Dominick Crowley