Swastika Ferank Manseed

Ferank Mansseed is this weekend also on the festival. He inspired the organisator Phil and the documental director Dominick. So it's fair ennouf to give him here some space to.
As he discribse himself;
Traditional Buddhist hand poking.
HAND TATTOOISt, currently based in Newcastle Upon Tyne but i get to travel and i am always dreaming of sunnier climbs.I tattoo without machines or electricity, its just me,some ink and needles(and sometimes a chopstick). I am obsessed with tattoos, both giving and receiving. I dont embrace technology easily as it constantly disappoints me. Im a dreamer but also a realist(check the lyrics on 'the revolution will be televised' by smoove with me on vocals). Im a smoker,i love good food and art and i love meeting new people,especially creative interesting ones. Hello to you reading this! I am a poet and musician, but all that stuff has taken a back seat in favour of my tattooing. I like to do guestwork at other studios. Hand tattooing is a very different experience to machine work and heals amazingly fast. You would love it !!

One of Feranks latests work

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