Swastika last post

For those people who come frequently here i have to dissapoint you for not posting. I dont have a computer anymore and makes it almost imposible to post, till i have one this is the last post here.

Swastika Armpits

Work by the Australian Heath Crowe https://www.instagram.com/heathcrowedtd

Swastika Warm

Senja kept her self warm in the winterdays like this

Swastika for Sale

In Myanmar (Burma) is this apartment for sale. Thanxx Charles

Swastika Symbolism

Poster from Ernest Firmamento showing that native Americans know the truth about Symbolism

Swastika Japan

More from Japan

Swastika Hands

Photographer Golden Nan met the tattooed monk on the streets of Kathmandu https://www.instagram.com/angrychapati

Swastika Motel

Lanshy motel in Taiwan Thanxx Danny

Swastika Caramels

My Dutch friend Tom Caramaels doing what he’s doing best designing new stuff

Swastika Glory

Japan in full glory