Swastika Colours

Colours of the Ancient Past The painted replica of Paris (490 B.C.) the original was found at the Temple of Aphaia on the island Aegina, Greece. (Stiftung Archäologie, Munich, Germany)

Swastika Panther

Work by my Argentine friend ludamal https://www.instagram.com/ludamal_tattoo/

Swastika Wild Piece

Wild piece by my scottish friend Cammy https://www.instagram.com/cammytattoo/

Swastika Reset

Keep it frezh Thanx @Sill Dol

Swastika Nha Trang

Goroshiko visiting Nha Trang

Swastika Imam Reza

Imam Reza shrine Mashad Iran Thanx Islamic art galery

Swastika Meaning

There you go

Swastika Ketotdarna

Jewelery by Ketotdarna, Bali

Swastika Back

Almost ready, work by my English friend Christo https://www.instagram.com/the_permanent_marker/

Swastika Snakes

Work by my Indian, English friend, Swasthik Iyengar https://www.instagram.com/gunga_ma/