Swastika Ganesh

Work by Sara Swati Usberti, Cesena Italy

Swastika Chart

Chart composed by the English Atticus Bones

Swastika Bracelet

Made by StudioAether

Swastika Bowl

Recently creation, Bowl by the French Thierry Luang Rath

Swastika Happy Joan

So happy with her new kimono!

Swastika ManWomanday16

Work dedicated to ManWomanDay 2016 by the French Debbie from BouzilleDeluxE

Swastika Here's Good Luck

Swastika ManWomanDay 16

The Slovenian Mojkaa Pečar made this video about her ManWomanDay

Swastika HexOnU

HexOnU in full action

Swastika Mother Earth

NoDAPL protestor bravely fighting for Mother Earth and its people.
Photo-Marc McAndrew