Swastika Psy7.com

Manda send us greetings from Berlin from her shop psy7.com

Swastika Amazing

My friend Katarzyna visiting Nepal and seeing the most amazing things

Swastika Neck

Work by Jakab Tattoo Zürich, Switzerland on Olivia

Swastika Bologna

An other from Italy Nicola Y Giuseppetti in Bologna

Swastika Antique Tile

Antique tile found in Sicily

Swastika Patch

No matter where u from,
No matter what u believe,
No matter who or what u are,
The swastika is there with love, for all!

Patch and words by my friend Gijs

Swastika Gift

Lady_fade giving out lovely gift

Swastika Sole

Work by my Dutch friend, Chris Niessink on my French friend.

Swastika Uzu

Uzu Organics earrings

Swastika Bridge

Work in progress by my friend Jiminy Albion