Swastika Manwoman in Cobh Co Cork

Photo: Mark Berry.
Some random facts or statements of ManWoman:
“I had these mystical experiences in which I appeared as half-man, half-woman,” he says. “These began in 1965, and came completely out of the blue. My spirit soared up through a vortex of energy, and it was like it was being ‘ejaculated’ into this incredible white light, which was the source of everything that was good – peace, love, god, eternity. I saw the vortex as a womb, and spiritual and sexual energy as the same. And this ‘Vortex of the Sacred’ was signified by the swastika.”

"Think of the most sacred thing in your life and put the swastika into that place. Put the swastika into your heart. Put the swastika on your altar. Put the swastika on the thing that makes you happy. For these places are exactly the places it occupied until the Second World War, when it fell victim to a chronic i ...nfection. I say To Hell with Hitler. Why give him ownership over this symbol?"

ManWoman, special guest speaker will be on site all weekend with the T.G.S.C.-the Gentle Swastika Collective. It is planned that the collective will be officially launched at the festival and push the reclaim the swastika movement into higher levels of consiousness.

And to close this post a word from Manwoman himself:
What I really want to say is how happy I am that this reclaim the swastika movement is growing so rapidly. After more than 40 years in which I thought I was a solitary man on an impossible mission, the thousands of friends who are now joining forces in this cause is very exciting. I believe with the right luck this My Swastika documentary could give us huge worldwide exposure.

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  1. Ö ! yo me tatue la esvastica y la sauvastica por su uso ancestral y luego como campaña contra el uso nazi, me eh dado cuenta que ya son varias personas y organizaciones que hacen esto para "santificarla" y acabar con la ignorancia .... espero que siga la "limpieza" de este simbolo ancestral y el mas poderoso entre todos :D