Swastika Traditional Tattoo and World Culture Festival

This week will be completly dedicated to the Irisch festival "Traditional Tattoo and World Culture Festival" Organised by Phil Cummins and with the help of a lot people.
I asked him a few questions about it.

You're organising a festival wich only involves traditional tattooing.
You do that because there's a lack of these sorts of festivals or other reason?

The reason the traditional tattoo festival came into existense was because i met Ferank Manseed and over a beer in the pub we discussed how we both would like to put on a festival.
It was Ferank who had the idea of the traditional tattoo angle. The more we discussed it we decided it was a good idea as there are so few events of this kind.

Then into the festival you have Manwoman as a guestspeaker to reclaim
the sacred swastika speech, for wich reason you invited him?

More into the festival are also some people doing a documantery about
the Swastika, could you explain me little about this?

My friend Dominic is making the documentary on the swastika, he decided to the movie because he was influenced by my swastika obsession
I have been a positive swastika collector and reclamationist for over 15 years. He originally wanted to do a short film for you tube but realised soon enough that swastikas story and history is far too great to put into a small film. and we decided it would be a good idea to ask ManWoman to be interviewed, and he agreed, but we had to fly him to Ireland as it would be cheaper than flying a film crew to Canada.

Only then when we had ManWoman confirmed, Ferank sugessted we definatly go ahead with the festival and ask ManWoman to speak. So from there the festival evolved. And from there the gentle swastika collective evolved, I needed to raise money to fly him from Canada to here so I came up with the idea of the collective. ManWoman liked it too, so alot of my friends who have been swastika reclamatonists joined forces and only the other night we had the first of hopefully many gentle swastika collective events.

Phil helping his son out.

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