Swastika Yoshimine-Dera

Yoshimine-dera is in the far SW of Kyoto, in the Oharana district, on the mountain known as Nishiyama. It is also known for Keishoin, mother of the 5th Tokugawa shogun, who rebuilt the temple which had been destroyed in the Onin Wars of 1467-77.
Yoshimine-dera is a temple of the Tendai sect of Buddhism, and was founded by Gensan, a disciple of Eshin, in 1029. The 100+ foot long pine limb in front of the two-storied pagoda is a living monument and is said to resemble a dragon swimming through waves. Yoshimine-dera also has medicated hot springs open the 2nd Sundays of the month, May through October.

Photo: Loren

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