Swastika Memory

Message from Astarte to Meenoy
I was very impressed to see the out pouring of love and support for ManWoman and the Swastika symbol on 13/11/13. I began collecting and drying brilliant yellow flowers from my garden this summer. I knew that I would observe the anniversary in some way, with intention and meaning for me. I was excited to hear about the event being sponsored by so many artists worldwide and I joined with them that morning to give myself a small tattoo- thanks to Ferank for having sent us some ink and needles a couple of years ago. Later that day I created a ceremony to acknowledge a year of grieving and to ask for healing; for myself and our family and for all those who feel a loss with ManWoman's passing. It also came to mind to ask for peace for those who support and continue to spread your Dad's vision of redeeming the Swastika as a sacred sign and to those who are not able to accept the widespread use of this symbol- the kind of use that was commonplace long ago. It was also an opportunity to ask for blessing in embodying those qualities that I most loved in your father- his courage, creativity, perseverance, sense of humour and deep intuition and tenderness. I promised to bury the tablet that our friend Sarah sent at our Shiva-Lingam and I included some ashes there as well. I burned the flower symbol to release the regrets and excuses of this past year and to carry my heartfelt prayers to the celestial realms. I am grateful for family and friends who send their love and to this greater community that has so honoured ManWoman.

Love Astarte

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