Swastika Horoscope

Eumaro writes about this:
I guess you'll see the vajra in the mandorla thingy to the left of the one central to the ones with the swastika and the vajra inside. I guess these are more tortoise shell shaped eggs than mandorla.

The text explains how each monastery had a lama whose scholarly and ecclesiastical expertise was in astrology and magic and he says a lot about the magic square at the center of the central creature, the trigram surrounding it and around the trigrams and surrounding the trigrams the lotus petals colored to indicate the 12 zodiacal animals. He says the figures are "drawn on the belly of a frog." and I thought it must be a mistake since my line of reading demands a turtle. In Chalmers, however, the graph for turtle and for toad, for instance is practically indistinguishable and if you add the graph for furnace which is a twin for toad, I decided to start looking for some common metaphysical concept shared by toads, turtles and furnaces. I still can't think of what that could be, though.

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