Swastika Ferank Manseed II

A few weeks ago i did a little presentation of Ferank for the festival in Cobh, Cork.
Now i had the chance to talk with him a little more!

Foto: Joanna

Swastikablog: From were came your interest for Swastika?
in the mid eighties i was experimenting a lot with dream machines and strobes.
myself and a friend built some crazy contraptions.after i used the dream machine i would
sit and draw obsessively and freely for hours.my hand kept trying to draw swastika forms and
i fought desperately to not draw them.
i didnt see the swastika as bad,i saw it around me in the hindu community where i lived at the time,
but i couldnt see a place for it in my art.
it was a joy and revelation to me when i first read Manwoman's interview in the Modern Primitives book by RE SEARCH.
it opened my eyes to how universal a symbol it is,which i didnt know.

Can you tell me a little about the Buddist, start and live?
then very early into my tattoo career a piercer friend had me tattoo his hands and arms with beautiful swastikas.
they came out great and i continued to do swastikas on his skin.
we made a plan to have a ritual tattoo session in one of englands many stone circles.....
when i looked in my books for a suitable sacred site for the ritual i discovered the SWASTIKA STONE ,situated on Ilkley Moore,Yorkshire.
i had never heard of this place.we went there the next day and myself and two friends tattooed the swastika from the stone into our skin.
it was an awesome experience,very energizing.
from that moment on SWASTIKA came to me in many forms on a daily basis,it still does and i love it!

Swastikablog: Swastikas, Buddist, tattoo, what about that combination?!!?
How that comes out in tatto in live in general.
my interest in Buddhism began at a very young age at school when a teacher read us the book THE THIRD EYE,by LOPSANG RAMPA.
It fascinated my young mind.
as an adult it was the beautiful mandalas,thangkas and pictures of deity's that beckoned me to learn more...
im still learning..i hope it never stops.
the bodhisatva buddha is often shown with the swastika on his chest,representing four paths of buddhism,it is also directly linked to Vishnu the hindu god.
the SAYAGATA pattern is said to have been born from Vishnu's chest hair!!
it is a blessing.
i have a huge swastika tattoo on my ribs of the word YUNGDRUNG in tibetan script in a swastika form it translates as 'unchanging wellbeing'.
i try to do everything with COMPASSION,as i live by the mantra AUM MA NI PAD MI HUM.it is a beautiful and powerful mantra.
i only tattoo positive things,i refuse to do negative tattoos im a very positive person.

Swastikablog: I read you influenced quiet some people with your thinking reactions
and things are coming out of that, how you look at that?
(The festival, the movie etc..)
I travel constantly spreading the word of swastika and tattooing by hand,which is very portable.my studio fits in a small bag,i can take it anywhere......
so i do! i dont need electricity and i have a headlamp if it gets dark.im very lucky that i do something i love.very lucky.

influencing and encouraging others is something i will always do i think.i have always done this,its how i live.
i like to push people towards their creative passions and help them embrace that.art in all forms is so valuable and precious.
i was encouraged to live my dreams,i try to encourage others the same.
these are exciting , magical times.


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  2. stunning work, love ya ferank!!!