Swastika Donut

(Los Angeles, CA July 3 2014) - Spiritual Punx, a clothing line and art project, is excited to announce the release of their donut swastika t-shirts. Spiritual Punx aims to stand out from the rest of brands by offering spiritually provocative clothing, accessories and a fresh take on fashion. The shirt features a pink donut with sprinkles in a swastika shape on the front and a list of different spiritual punks on the back, Gandhi, Mother Theresa and Jesus to name a few.

For the release the company will be holding an event at avant-garde street wear boutique Haus of Love on July 10th , the same night as downtown LA’s art walk. The store offers a style house platform for emerging independent designers and artists from around the world.

“Our mission is to inspire people to be more loving and accepting to all” says Sinjun Wesson, Spiritual Punx’s self described ‘co-creator’. For many, the swastika could easily be thought of as the opposite of peace or love, however, Sinjun urges people to take a closer look.


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