Swastika Knees

Greetings from Denmark...

Yesterday I got my knees "done". Im really happy for the result. It was one of my girlfriends, who I have known for about 15 years, that made it. When I first asked her to make the project she refused, but told me that she would think about it. Her family has a long, and sad story during the second world war, so somewhere in her heart, she is connected to the Swastika in a negative way. Even if she told me, that her "all the time" thoughts has been to make the symbol, if it was for the right reasons. I found it interesting to follow her dilemma, and see her crossing a personal limit. After a short thinking time, and a phonecall to her mentor, she decided to accept the project. We had a cosy, and funny session. And even is she dont want to post the picture in a public place, she was very satisfied about her decision. And Im SO proud of her

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