Swastika Worship

During my journeys to Nepal, I saw the swastika symbol everywhere - which astonished me. I learned the symbol represented something else than what i first thought. In Hinduism, the clockwise swastika is a symbol of the sun and the god Vishnu, while the counterclockwise swastika represents Kali and the power of magic. I think it’s horrible how history can destroy such a beautiful sign, with a just as beautiful symbolism : Marcus

Anders: Before commenting fiercely, I'd like to state that the swastika symbol is a symbol of the sun in northern mythology. I hate the Nazis for the beautiful things they've destroyed. It's actually a very pretty symbol in my opinion.

Shot this the other day, and thought about what symbol should be in the trees. I've wanted to do something with the swastika for a long time, and now I did it! Another photographer inspired me to do this, his name is Marcus

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