Swastika Movies and Tele

This fotos from movies series and tele are a collection wich i have from the facebook Swastikablog group. Thank you all people for never letting down the spirit!!
Martin, Penny, Andrea, Matt, Neeko, Lou, Schell Alastair, Bjorn, Nico, Kinlay, Nica, Remco and David.

From the movie Life of Brian

From the Movie Brave

From the serie Ancient Aliens

From the serie Dexter

From a movie from Buster Keaton

From You tube Die Antwoord

From the Serie Great night Out

From the movie Harry Potter

From the movie Hellboy

From the movie Karate Kid

From the Serie the Dog Whisperer

From the movie The man with the golden gun

From a clip from SnoopDog

From the Stormont parliament Ireland

From the serie Schlag den Raab

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