Swastika Forever


Meenoy Kemball Daughter of ManWoman

My wonderful dad passed in his sleep this morning at 4:38am. Astarte was by his side the whole time as he made his peaceful transition. It is a gift to be his daughter and he will be lovingly remembered and cherished. I Love you Dad and will miss you very much ♥ 

Who is Manwoman?
Friend of the Swastika
Friends of the Swastika is a non-political, grass-roots movement 
anyone can be a part of. 
It is our aim to detoxify the swastika.
Its original meaning is the auspicious blessing at the source of life. 

We declare the swastika to be innocent 
of the crimes perpetrated under the Nazi banners. 
Five years of war cannot wipe out five thousand years of history.  

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  1. Our minds were opened by his actions. Without ever physically meeting ManWoman my life was made better by his existence and is poorer for his passing. Namasté.