Swastika Etruscan Art

Eumaros: 305. Barrel-shaped oinochoe (jug) with goats planking a tree and geometric patterns, Etruscan, Italo-Geometric, ca. 725-700 B.Cc. Terracotta, h. 13 1/4 in. (33.7 cm) Gift of Norbert Schimmel Foundation, 1975 (1975.363) This vase illustrates a characteristic aspect of early Etruscan art, the seamless integration of indgenous and foreign features. The unusual shape is often found with an equally distinctive bird-shaped askos. The decoration is heavily influenced by Greek Geometric potter. Compare the originally Near Eastern motif of two goats flanking a tree of life on the Museum's celebrated Euboean Geometric krater found on Cyprus (no. 28). Vulci was a center for the production of barrel-shaped oinochoai and bird askoi, which may have served in a wine ritual. Art in the Classical world in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Greece, Cyprus, Etrutria, RomeCarlos A. Picon, Joan R. Mertens, Elizabeth J. Milleker, Christopher S. Lightfoot, and Sean Hemingway With contributions from Richard De Puma, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, Yale University Press, New Haven and London, 2007

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