Swastika Tshirt

This message is from Shannon Larrat founder of BME. My first BME shirt in a half decade (bet you weren't expecting this)... Since we had a whack of unexpected bills from our daughter’s gastrointestinal problems — seriously it is shocking and offensive how quickly medical bills climb in the US — which we are still in the process of diagnosing and could be anything from a motorcycle injury to kidney failure to something related to my genetic condition. Rachel suggested that I draw a shirt for BME, the sales proceeds of which would go exclusively to those medical bills. She has set up the pricing similarly to my shop, where you can set how much you want to pay, either just buying the shirt, or a donation if you’re able. http://shop.bme.com/product/2012-classic-logo/ * There are actually three slightly different designs there, check it out. **PLEASE PASS THIS ON ANYWHERE YOU THINK IT MIGHT HELP** http://shop.bme.com/product/2012-classic-logo/

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