Swastika Bayazid Bastami

Bastam : Bayazid Bastami Complex - بستام : مجموعه بایزید بستامی

One of the most beautiful complex from Saljuqians and Ilkhanid and Timurid in the Middle East and center of Asia is in Bastam or Bistam

Located on the outskirts of the village are two clusters of structures that were perhaps originally joined as one group. The larger building cluster includes the mausoleum of Bayazid; a Seljuk minaret and part of a Seljuk wall; the mausoleum of Imamzada Muhammad Bistam Mirza; two other tombs and oratories; an entrance iwan portal and corridor; an iwan portal opposite this; a madrasa built by Shah Rukh.

Oljeitu 's halway and Iwan : Ordered by Oljeitu (Mohammad Khodabandeh) / Ilkhanid Period 14th century / Architect : Mohammad Damghani

Unlike typical contemporary examples of faience in western Iran which use smaller units of squares, rectangles and triangles in an interlocking geometry, at Bastam parallelepipeds or more complex forms with moulded elements in relief intersect to form borders. The iwan across the courtyard is decorated similarly. This iwan possibly once lead to a second courtyard that no longer exists.

Foto: Bijan

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