Swastika Notre Dame du Bourg

Foto & Text Keith.

Rabastens church Notre Dame du Bourg, is a world heritage site of UNESCO. It was a stop on the path of pilgrimage to St. Jacques de Compostela. The church contains frescoes illustrating various episodes from the life, real or legendary, Jacques le Majeur. In the second half of the thirteenth century the nave was given its painted decoration: saints and knights to the springing of arches, and above two cycles, the Childhood of Christ and the Passion, which occur at mid-height walls. Five chapels have been built between the buttresses of 1374 to the late fifteenth century. The second span was adorned with paintings in the years 1520-1530.

For centuries these paintings were hidden they were only rediscovered in 1972

Foto:J.P. Azam.

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