Swastika Eggs

Made by N0madical and she writes of the Swastika Meaning for her:

I see the swastika much like a see the spiral of a snail shell. The spinning cycle of life and the importance of diversity in order for everything to survive. There is no one central power, but an infinite number of lifeforms that hold earth together. What does a human heart have to do with all of this. As always the heart is my portrait for humanity in which I am trying to bring us (people) back to the idea that we belong to this cycle too. We are not controllers or gods we are another link in the circle of life. Am I making earth happy art? Perhaps I am, but I am not ushering in a war for the environment as I feel it is a loosing battle due to politics, population and most of all greed. I am however looking for my soul in all of this and it always goes to what this skateboard shows. Enjoy.

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