Swastika Tradtional Tattoo & World Culture Festival

A few days ago i had the chance to talk with Phil Cummins organisator of the Tradtional Tattoo & World Culture Festival. Since the festival starts at 3 june it's about time i give it some attention here so a little more people get informed to go to this unique festival

SwastikaBlog Q.
How far your with the set up now for the coming festival Phil?
About 75% done?

[Phil Cummins]
Just about

SwastikaBlog Q.
A little about last year and your idea and changes for this year
maybe organisation wise what is the big change this year?

[Phil Cummins]
Well, the biggest change is we are making it alot more affordable for people to come and making it alot more music based, we have 4 days this year and it will be fully packed with live music.
We will be having the suspension in a ritual teepee with a native american sweat lodge as part of the ritual
Pushing to make it even more spiritual than before, and bringing swastika to the forefront again, but really pushing the reclamation of it.
I have personally gained an even deeper knowledge of the spiritual importance of swastika since last year and my mission to reclaim it has changed somewhat.
Personally want to push the spiritual side of it, as i feel that is the most imprtant aspect of swastika at this present time it is some thing that is very important to me
Alot more so than before, the world is changing rapidly and i feel swastika is a very important part of that change, working on that bit.
I have to try and make as universal as possible with out coming across as a total lunatic
I have the support of lots more people than last year which is fantastic, swastika and the importance of this festival and the spiritual importance of it to me.
I have had the most difficult year i think i will ever experience, it is for the right reasons though
I believe i have been given a mission from god in some aspects to do this.
Like i said the world is changing rapidly and people need to be awakened and this festival is an important part of this.

SwastikaBlog Q.
You feel the strengt and the power to push a little harder
how i understand you?

[Phil Cummins]
My friend, i am going to push this as hard and as far as i can
i have strength like i have never had before.

Go here for some more info on the festival!

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