Swastika Traditional Tattoo and world culture festival

Just 3 days more and the festival in Cobh Cork Irelands starts for 4 days.
So far what i hear was that Ferank Manseed promised all the workers who want get a tattoo for free from him, last night he started with the first one.
Also ManWoman with his wife arrived already and wearing his red barret with all his historic swastika pins.
Listed Left to Right.
Top Row: Krit Motor Car Emblem (hood ornament) Detroit 1909-1916, Blue Ladies Victorian Pin, Smiley Swastika, Buddhist Pin, Shoulder Patch 45th Infantry Div US Army (Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Colorado), Navaho Pin.
Bottom Row: Navaho Pin, Native American Pin, Famous Tattooer Lyle Tuttle gave me his grandmother's pin, Happy Days Advertising Campaign Button, Victorian Pin.

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  1. I have 2 questions about the buttons:
    1. What is the diameter of a button?
    2. Where can we see the different models of buttons?

    Thanks you very much