Swastika Artists

Days are counting off for the Tradtional Tattoo & World Culture Festival in Cobh Cork.
I did some little interviews with artist that gonna be present in the festival
1. For wich reason you're working on this festival?
Money- new contacts - spiritual - Beer or an other reason.

2.You were there also last year?
What was your impression?

Ferank Manseed
1.this is the only event of its kind,completely unique.a celebration of traditional hand tattooing.a focus on the spiritual ,non commercial side of tattooing in a beautiful location.swastika energy is very strong in Cobh,i go there often,the local cathedral has beautiful mosaic of swastikas on its floor as does the local bank.i have been a regular guest artist at Phil Cummins ORIGINAL SKIN TATTOO STUDIO in Cobh for two years ,i feel honoured to be part of the family.im tattooing and performing also at the festival.i guess primarily im going to the festival to be a part of the magic that will take place and to see my family and friends. 2.yes i was there last year.the most amazing collection of artists and friends i have had the pleasure of spending quality time with,ever.truly awesome.looking forward to this years event.

I was guest speaker at the first Cobh Fest and will be there again this year, in 3 weeks or so. I loved it because after 40 years of spreading the word about this sacred symbol it is becoming true again. Much Love and big family gathering will be your experience.

Raoul van Noorden
iam working (enjoying myself) at this festival, because of the nature of the event. its an event reclaiming the swastika. positive minded people who try to connect and who all go for the same goal, showing the world the swastika sign is a sign of peace and happiness. its a sign of luck and harmony. people from all over the world join to make an effort for a cause of giving a sign the enegy back it had once for 10.000 years.
also this event concentrates on traditional hand tattooing. an artform almost extinct. just a handfull of artist keep practising these methods to show the world the true nature of tattoo. the energy and feeling, between artist and model. showing time doesnt matter, connecting past, present and future. marking the skin with designs inspired by the past to show people in the future what this persone is about.
i attended the first edition of the festival and it was a beautifull event, capturing the invisible connection we all have. showing the world there are still tribes, although we are not limited by borders anymore.

*free the swastika*

one tribe
one nation
one soul

the flying swastika

Sonja Punktum
1. its the first event - i know - bringing so much dotwork and handpoking artists together. for me, who is so much in love with dotwork, it seams to be paradise! meeting and working together with artists i admire for so long. and meeting friends and artists i already know and love.
also i will start being on the road for a few month and cobh is the first date of my tour and the first time i will be working outside of germany. i think this is a great combination and a promising start to spread my work and love.
2. unfortunately there was no possibility to go to the first festival. but i heard a lot about it, only positiv tunes.

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