Swastika Guitar

A friend of me from the United Kingdom, tells me he's a luthier that likes to incorporate swastika patterns into his handmade guitars.


  1. I found a VERY old thin acoustic guitar with F-holes, and an old decal that says "Westone". Inside the guitar is a paper label with a swastika border, and says: "Quality of Mark". The serial number is blank. I'm completely stumped as to what this guitar is, but it's very cool. It's obviously much older than the "Westone" guitars that are generally spoken of, which ran from the 1970s - 1980s. If anyone out there knows what it is, post it! I'll try and get some pics of the label for ya!

    1. i have a very old guitar with swastika border on inside label too ! I took it to a guitar shop and they didnt know much about it or value.

  2. Hi there Anon.
    ill send this info thru a few people who may know something. You inbetween take the foto!!
    Hope to hear from you soon.

  3. rcguitars@hotmail.co.uk do a swastika guitar and other pagan designs but as far as I know they only make electrics.

  4. Yes please take a foto of the label so we can see it too! and send it to swastikacross@gmail.com