Swastika Necklace

Recently i got a request from ManWoman for all your readers if you can help out with this:
Friends, a collector I know is buying this piece and wants info on it's origins. Anyone know anything about this necklace?

"A dealer recently showed me an Indian beaded necklace with some "charms" hanging on it. The charms were brass tokens about the size of a penny. In each of them, the center was punched out in the fo ...rm of a six-poin...ted star. While there was no swastika symbol on them, the words "The Swastika" were embossed on each of them."

Send me a mail if you know anything about it, thanks.

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  1. It looks like the coin comes from Roundup in Montana. There looks like there are two coins from this area. One being the coin in question and the other is a H.I.C Co Case's token. Both have the star shape punch in the centre. We have also seen The Swastika coin for sale on Ebay for 25 dollars.

    My Swastika team