Swastika Scout Medal

Close up from the foto down here made by Oly Nikon Learner and also owner of the medal. He could tell me this about it:
I know the wearer of this (who died in the 1950s) had met repeatedly with Baden-Powell since he was a senior Greek Boy Scout leader. This being a "friendship" medal, he must have gotten it as part of the recognition of the Greek Boy Scouts by the big chief. Fascinating!

The swastika symbol used in a Boy Scout badges

One version of the swastika's meaning can be found in a 1921 article about it:

"On the stole of an ancient bishop of Winchester, Edyndon, who died in 1366, is the Swastika or Scouts' Thanks Badge which was called at that time the "Fylfot," and was said to represent Obedience or Submission, the different arms of the cross being in reality legs in the attitude of kneeling.

More info here about this subject.

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  1. This award was used in Czechoslovak scouting (JUNAK Scout association) between 1921 - 1933.