Swastika Cactus

Read what Jenny Starr have to say about her drawing:
This image started out as a response to this one time (a few years ago) when I tried the liquid in my cactus. I always thought cactus's had water or milk in them, so if you were walking in a desert you could be saved by a cactus. The cactus above the TV is the kind I have (I call it a pencil cactus). If you cut it it bleeds a white liquid-so I thought I'd try it. It tasted like nothing, but after a few minutes my throat and tongue started burning like crazy. I freaked out and chugged a half gallon of milk (thinking it would help-it didn't), then I ran to my computer and looked online to see what I had just ingested. It was pure poison, but the amount I tried would not do me any damage other than immediate discomfort...so all was well. (And I've been told since many times how stupid this and I am...I was just too curious though). Anyways, so in my sketchbook I drew this guy and had the swastika tattoo just because I was putting small silly tattoos on many of my sketch book characters; plus everyone looking at that picture would have to stop and ask me about it. I created this overall image about my poisoning, and added a girl drinking poison on the TV. I left the swastika on first as whimsy, but I was doubting it-I'm not a Nazi or supporter (though I am mostly German), so I don't want people to think that. Before Hitler shot himself in the head he took a cyanide capsule, aka poison. So I left the swastika and it brings a new narrative to the work.

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