Swastika Auction

Wooden hand painted tattoo machine box by Cammy

Yesterday i had a mail from my friend Phil from Cobh co Cork (Traditional Tattoo and world Culture Festival)

Hi Folks,

We are pleased to announce that we finally have the charity art auction for the Traditional Tattoo and world Culture Festival up online.

We had planned on holding the auction on the weekend of the festival itself but as some of you know, time got the better of us and we never got around to it on the weekend.
All proceeds of the auction will go directly to Cobh Hospital. Which has been neglegeted by the Irish government for some time now and is in desperate need of funding to survive, so all money recieved will be very greatfully recieved.

A4 limited edition print of Lucky Rabbits- By ManWoman

We are still waiting for some pieces to go up on line and will keep people posted as they go up. Some of the images from the photographer who shot all the art have gone missing somewhere in the system and we couldnt load them on line properly, so we are working on this and plan to have the second "wave" of art up in the next week or so.

Pencil Drawing (colour) by Phil Cummins

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