Swastika Symbel Bowl

Mark did all the woodburning on this bowl and made this for Jotun Bane Kindred.
Mark explains:
"The bowl is a Symbel bowl, and is used by Jotun's Bane Kindred during ritualized rounds of toast-making. The bowl symbolizes the three wells at the roots of the world tree Yggdrasil. At the end of each round of toasts, mead is poured three times from the drinking horn into the bowl, and then three ladles of mead are transferred from the bowl back into the horn. This exchange of mead represents a sharing of gifts, and deeds, and purposeful words with our Gods and Goddesses. Its a mingling of Wyrd between our heathen tribe and our Holy Wights."


  1. It is really sad that people are not looking into the history of the symbol they are just taking what they have seen in media and white supremist groups and thinking that is all that there is...

  2. I agree. In making this bowl and using this symbol, we are making a very active choice to not allow Hitler to control our view and usage of a Holy Symbol of our people...a Holy Symbol of our ancestors. Its our symbol, and we are determined to reclaim it. -Mark

  3. Geir Mikkeal AntonssonAugust 27, 2010 at 6:59 AM

    My name is Geir,I am an Icelander. My family have been Ásatru a long time, meaning my Mother, my Father, my Grandfather and my Grandmother and so on and so on.Some people can't handle the thought of "white people"being a native people.

    To any person that calls this racist,good !!! I don't care. I don´t need a swastika to be proud of my ancestors,don't worry yourself with things you don't understand.
    I don't care how or why nazi germany happened it' not for me or any of you to worry about. Hail Odin!