Swastika World Culture Festival Cobh co Cork

During 2 weeks i collect a few fotos, articles and video wich are the reviews of the festival in Cobh co. Ireland.

Phil Organisator of the festival.
Foto: Emma.

Colin Dale in action.
Foto: Kurt Dm

Phils son in action with Aman Durga Sipatiti.

Foto: SwasiDan

More fotos of Brian Grosz here.

Article from Needles and Sins.
A little piece of it;
The fest felt like a cross between a family reunion and mini-Woodstock (or Glastonbury for my UK homies). Most tattooists worked in yurts surrounding the Marlogue Inn, and in adjoining fields, you found a big circus-like tent for bands and burlesque; a small group of vendors selling jewelry and clothing; and some convention-goers pitching their own tents to crash close-by after all the partying. Overlooking the fields, by the tree line, a suspension rig was hung for flesh-pulling fun.

This video is from Blueshed productions

Photograph by Kate Mcloughlin

Article from Cobh edition.
A little part of it;
A very Gentle Manwoman talks openly to everyone that wishes to ask him anything, he tries out the
local stout for the first time before telling me about his very first tattoo and how as an artist he is still
working breaking down barriers and in his own positive way is trying to help educate people where
ever he goes.

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