Swastika Necklace

With this entrance i close a few days the Festival happenings, will be continued when i have some information and fotos.

Oltmans-Seubert Family

ACCESSION NUMBER: 1993.005.0035.0004


DESCRIPTION: Several members of the Oltmans/Seubert family sitting on the cement steps outside their home. Halley Oltmans holds a rifle, his wife Katherine Seubert Oltmans is sitting on steps with him. She wears a dark dress with a light colored neckline. Her necklace has a swastika pendant. Her mother Katie Seubert is standing behind the couple wearing a dark skirt and lighter colored blouse. A young boy, George Seubert (Katie Seubert's son) is sitting on the steps with his hands folded under his chin.

This and many other fotos can be found on Douglas County History Research Center.

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