Swastika Sun

Fiba, from Ceske Budejovice, Czech republic, draw this starting plant and is very inspired by the Swastika. Like he say:
The symbols i know about 10 years, i like history, archeology, mythology and folklore culture. I never planned to use the Swastika because of the history in the 20 century. I use only runs and cross in circles in my art. Not long ago i change my mind - opinion and i start to draw swastika signs. After realy discover the swastika archeology. About 1 year ago i see easter slovan heathenism in russia, Belorussia, Poland and baltic countries start to use public swastikas signs in their celebrations.
As well the use of swastika in folklore needlework. In the same time was published in the Czech republic the book of Swastika from manwomen. This fact constructed me feel swastika not only discover but like alive symbol.
My art is made by thin fix, black ballpoint sometimes aquarel crayons.

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