Swastika Alles ist Möglich

Work by Kevin Füller

Swastika Tea Caddy

Tea caddy, Qing dynasty, 19th Century. Carved wood cover.

Swastika Sayagata

Work by Miss Bekki, at Auspicious Tattoo in Boulder, CO.

Swastika Akmola region

During the excavation of the mound in Akmola region an archaeological expedition discovered fragments of 3 vessels on the surface, presumably characteristic of the tribes from Andronovo culture (2000 - 900 BC)

Swastika Crystallogarphic

Page from the book Turkish Crystallogarphic patterns
Free download
Photo, Bayazid-i- Bistami Tomb

Swastika Aiko Chihira

She can sing, dance and even use sign language - Meet Japanese humanoid robot Aiko Chihira

Swastika Underarm

Work by Bastartz Tattoo Nantes, France

Swastika Gipúzkoa

The entrance of San Miguel, Idiazábal, Spain.
The church was build in the early 14th century

Swastika Architectural Illusions

Architectural Illusions from Markus Studtmann

Swastika Veneto

Portrait of a man by Bartolomeo Veneto.
Italy,early 16th century
Beautifull Solomon's knot

Swastika Candles

New from the hand of Matthew, U.K. candles.

Swastika Leg Scar


Scarification work by Brenno Alberti, Italy

Swastika Fuzhou

Hanging in the Fuzhou museum
Thanks Darren

Swastika Frame

Museum people putting the frame on Henryk Siemiradzki "Pochodnie Nerona"

Swastika Chutney Jar

Fennela, U.K., had a presnet from a friend a 1920's chutney jar

Swastika Bike

Any info on this bike?
If yes please send me to swastikacross@gmail.com

Swastika DreamTeam

Bart's dream his design on him by Petor The Hague and Mark Boyle, U.K.

Swastika Richard's Living

Richard's living, U.S.A.

Swastika Wild Boar

Wild boar. Floor mosaic of the entrance to the House of Vesbinus (Casa del Cinghiale II). Pompeii, VIII.2.27. 50—79 A.D. Pompeii.

Swastika Hanfu

Hanfu - China
The term Hanfu derives from the Book of Han, which says, "then many came to the Court to pay homage and were delighted at the clothing style of the Han

Swastika Clay Stamp

Clay stamp in the Natural history museum in Atlanta.
Spotted by Cassady

Swastika Pontifical

Happy days for whom it concerns
Pontifical, France 13th century, Orléans

Swastika St. Dupont

Look at this beautifull piece from St. Dupont who has a new owner, my friend Lue from Australia

Swastika De Instituut Bizar

Altar in a performance, in Slovenia, of "De Instituut Bizar", Netherlands

Swastika KamaSutra

The Kama Sutra of Reading

Swastika UpperArm

Work by MxM, London Sang Bleu

Swastika Fashionstore

This dress is sold in a fashionstore for older women in Iceland.