Swastika Arms

El Patman, Paris, France, made this beautifull tattoo.

Swastika Coins

Katie Jane from San Diego is quite bizzy with decorating coins.

Swastika Fireplace

Foto by Sid of the art deco Reno, Nevada, Post office.

Swastika Scarf

Anestis Sifou Sachinidis my Greek friend, had his trip to India as you can see

Swastika Ball

Found this foto recently on the net, somebody knows something about this, photographer, model... Mail me swastikacross@gmail.com

Swastika InnerEar

Himemiya Neko made this tattoo on the father of their child.

Swastika Keyholder

Inky Joe from Sudbury, Suffolk had this keyholder as a present from his girlfriend Trini.

Swastika Quilt

Irreverend Popinlock made this quilt for her friend Jasn

Swastika Attire

Brocade ritual attire - Miao people
Gallery: Minority Nationalities Art
Shanghai Museum

Swastika Demon

Alie, made this tattoo at Archive Tattoo, Toronto, Canada.

Swastika God

Here ManWoman flying with his favourite symbols.
Foto: Tas Limur, Los Angeles

Swastika Belarussian

Natalie Sedyakina, Minsk, Belarus, create this wooden plate with tempera.

Swastika Justice

Foto by Jan Stolz, palace of justice in Brussels.
Thanx Zsolt.

Swastika Sticker

Mr. Wim from London send me this giant stickerfoto.

Swastika Elephant

Tattoo by Elisa Carisi, from Roma, Italy.

Swastika Teapot

Teapot and foto from Margo.n.Rowland

Swastika Horse

Becklectic made this foto on the road to Madurai, India.

Swastika Allah

While Tashi attended an international exhibition of mainly Islamic calligraphy in the United Arab Emirates, this particular piece caught his eye that reads "All Sovereignty to Allah", by Fatma Mohammad Abdel Rahim from the United Arab Emirate.

Swastika Power

John Brophy painted this piece called "Let the power fall".
Before posting some art of John i had a short chat with him about his use of the swastika in his art.
John Brophy: First of all, I have to say that I do not use the Nazi swastika in my work. I use the Omote Manji, meaning love and mercy. This symbol appears frequently in Buddhism and in Jainism. In fact, I became familiar with it during the time I lived in Japan. You could find it on nearly every Buddhist temple. I realized that this was a commonly used symbol that had no connection to the German swastika and did not evoke that relationship in the minds of the Japanese.

Familiarity with certain symbols varies from culture to culture and because of the dominance of the Nazi image in the west, the traditional and peaceful representations of the manji have been pushed aside. So much so that for the vast majority of people in the west the knee-jerk response at seeing the Omote Manji is that it is a Nazi swastika. But because symbols are a kind of art that carry a specific meaning and are intentionally designed to be unambiguous and mean the same thing to everyone ( eg. a dollar bill, a STOP sign, etc), I feel that I can freely use the Omote Manji in my work in spite of the fact that some people will wrongly associate it with Nazism. The fact is, this is a symbol of love and mercy and these are the qualities I want to convey in my work.

Swastika Spawn

Tattoo by Kultstätte Körperkunst Cologne, Germany.

Swastika for Bobby

Desing for Bobby made by Philip Yarnell, Rayleigh, Southend-On-Sea, United Kingdom

Swastika Mr. B.

Mr.B. the dog of Gemma has a new toy

Swastika Geumsansa

Light pole in Geumsansa (literally "Golden Mountain Temple") it's a head temple of the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism.
Foto: Spikey

Swastika Rookwood

Cemetery pavilion, Rookwood, U.K., 1880's polychrome brickwork.
Foto: Tiger

Swastika Scarpiece

Marat send me this message:
Hi there,I'm Marat and here is my scarpiece :)
Done by Tengu from Saratov,Russia

Swastika Sewer

Foto by Harold visiting Bali.

Swastika Sticker

Auks Jedan from Osijek, Croatia had made a new serie of stickers from his art.

Swastika Mandala

This work on canvas was made by Ethnogenic_Artkore from Berlin.