Swastika Tinder

Remus thinks he found the ONE!

Swastika Vision

My friend Sharon from Bulgaria says it's good to start educate at a young age!

Swastika Arm

Tattoo by Mary Dalove from Zen Tattoo Family, Kyiv, Ukraine.

Swastika Keep Moving

My friend Elena, NyC found this little treasure.

Swastika Shamans Ritual

Spiritual leaders from different corners of the globe gathered for the 'Call of 13 Shamans', a four-day festival held near the village of Khorum-Dag in the Tyva Republic.
It is the centre point of the Asian continent and an area that is said to have high spiritual 'charge'. The timing of the event had been chosen to match natural cosmic cycles.
The group of shamans, who travelled from countries including Mexico, Mongolia, Greenland, Russia and Korea, began by trekking to isolated locations for three days of meditation before performing a number of ceremonies - many of which originated in prehistory.


Swastika Coat of Arms

Mongolia coat of arms, national emblem

Swastika Rotary Box

Alex Arnautov, Kyiv, Ukraine, designed these rotary tattoomachine boxes.

Swastika Tongue

Tattoo done on Teo, Rotterdam the Netherlands by Theo Zinas

Swastika Druid

Druid in Stonehenge - 1929
Down here the complete scene

Swastika Mongolia Dollar

Mongolia 1 Dollar bill, 1924