Swastika UnderArm

Tattoo by Corey Divine, Oakland, California.

Swastika Newton Stone

The Newton Stone contains two inscriptions. The first is an Ogham script in an indeterminate language possibly containing personal names, but the second has never been identified and became known from the early 19th century as the "unknown script". The Ogham script is engraved down the left-hand side of the stone and runs across part of its face, while across the top third of the stone, roughly central, is the unknown text or unidentified script which contains 6 lines comprising 48 characters in total.

This is the other side of the stone.

Swastika VinCa

VinCa Kolovrat
Four seasons of three months
in the circular flow of the spinning-wheel.

Swastika Gogo

Tattoo by my friend Gogo, Limasol, Cyprus.

Swastika G-Star Raw

Pharrell Williams “Raw for the Oceans” Collection made from recycled ocean plastic.

Swastika Leafdots

In Romeoville fall a leafs down in this time of the year, in thisBrandon Clancy took one and made this.

Swastika Memorialday

One month to go till the second memorialday
Are we ready?

Swastika Drawers

Jan: In my friends country house in Sweden, a Danish chest of drawers from 1870

Swastika World Symbol

Today is the release from a simple little Swastika guide to have a clue where wich Swastika is coming from.
Image, explanation.
And the best thing it's for free, download here.
The book is in English, Dutch and Spanish. the link wil bring you to the 3 options, choose and download.