Swastika The Swastika

The Swastika by Edward Butts - 1908
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Swastika Ayr

Carolanne found this gate in Ayr, Scotland today while at the beach.

Swastika ALex Johnson

Lobby from Hotel Alex Johnson, Rapid City/ South Dakota

Swastika Botan Jungle

Horiyoshi III is not one of the greatest tattoo artist but makes also design for clothes like this dress called Botan Jungle.

Swastika Razor Hone

Bought by my friend Rothgar, Illinous, Usa

Swastika Hand

Tattoo by Max Well, Paris, travelling artist.

Swastika Cats

These cats upgraded to gold just bought by Lara, U.K..

Swastika Black and White

Found on the page of Lev, St Peterburg.

Swastika Buddah Seal

The Seal on Buddha's Heart

The Buddhist tradition of India, the Swastika is referred as "The Seal on Buddha's Heart"

Swastika KTZ

Look at this clothes by KTZ