Swastika Ganesha

This earweight was designed by Julian Ganesha, check his page if intrested!

Swastika Arm

Look at this colourfull piece, love it, tattoo by Bry from Idle Hands Tattoo, Scotland.

Swastika Brigids Cross

Marie saw this today on the side of an old stable block at the Curragh Race Course in Ireland .. St Brigids Cross Irelands Swastika

Swastika Armonia

Serena Luna Raggi, Italy, made this for Elefra and called it Armonia

Swastika Origami Lotus

Amy, U.K., had some paper to fould check this out, great a lotus

Swastika Bou

People having fun with everyday stuff here my friend Bou

Swastika Temple

Tattoo by by Christo Botes, Bournemouth, United Kingdom.

Swastika Peach Springs

Peach Springs

Swastika Mercedes

My friend Alan, NewCastle upon Tyne, U.K. had his car done with his own design.

Swastika TK Maxx

My friend Vana from the U.K. just bought this coat at TK Maxx.