Swastika Şifahiye Medresesi

Sivas, Şifahiye Medresesi, Turkey
Sifaiye Medresesi is a medrese built in 1217 in Sivas, Turkey. It bears typical Seljuk features and was built by the Rûm Seljuk Sultan Kaykaus I, who was known for his fondness for the city of Sivas where he spent the large part of his period of reign.

The complex consists of a Darüşşifa (Dâr al-Shifâ, literally "house of health", a hospital) and the medrese where medicinal studies were also taught. The complex is also alternatively called under the sultan Izeddin Keykavus I's name whose tomb is located within the compound.

Swastika Yung Drung

Yungdrung (Tibetan/Zhangzhung Language, ever-lasting) by Charlie Inksa, Les Contamines, France.

Swastika Topkapi Scroll

A part of the Topkapi Scroll

The Topkapi architectural design scroll is probably the best-preserved and oldest scroll of this kind to have survived. Aproximated between 1500 - 1600 made
It is of great importance for an understanding of Timurid and Turkmen geometric design principles. The scroll is 29.5 meters long, with 114 drawings, it bears no date and is not signed. The drawings represent geometrical designs, murqanas designs and contain patterns and elements of square kufic. It entered the Ottoman imperial treasury at an unknown date and is now housed at the Topkapi Place Museum in Istanbul, Turkey.

Swastika Laima

Art by Emil Emil Supertramp
Traditional Latvian. Deity of faith , from Latvian mythology.... ''Laima''
Every detail has some meaning , ... 60cm x 115cm

Swastika The Free

Baxx Jordan in Malaysia
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Swastika Crucifixion

Medieval Irish crucifixion.
Spiral swastika represent the energy circulating
in the body of the God-man.
Dublin, The National Museum

Swastika Reminder

Op art swazi for James. A reminder of his dad; the first image he taught his kids to draw. Solomon's knot tattoo by Ben Volt, San Francisco, California.

Swastika Marie of Romania

Crown of Queen Maria of Romania
This crown is made of gold from Transylvania.
It was manufactured with the occasion of the coronation of King Ferdinand I and Queen Maria in 1922 at Alba-Iulia.
During the war, Queen Marie volunteered as a Red Cross nurse to help the sick and wounded. After the war ended, she represented Romania at Versailles, gaining back territory lost by Romania during the war.

Swastika Mt. Hoju Daikannonji Temple

Hand can be found in the Mt. Hoju Daikannonji Temple, Tsu, Japan.

More hands from Daikannonji Temple

Swastika Psychic Cross

An interview the "Brooklyn Voice" did with Genesis Breyer P-Orridge of Psychic T.V.

BV: I am interested to know about the psychic cross? Who designed it?? What is the significance of this particular design which does not look like a cross at all?

GBP: The PSYCHICK CROSS was designed roughly by me. Dan Landin helped today up the ruff edges.(aka Stan Bingo). The proportions are supposed to be 2 to 3.i.e. Say the vertical is 3 inches long. Then the two larger crossing lines at top and bottom are 2 inches long and the centre smaller crossing line is two thirds of 2 inches. (too tired to work that out). It contains the Christian cross, the so-called inverted “satanic cross” by being superimposed they symbolize the nullification of that whole judeo-xtian totalitarian disaster that has left millions dead over 2000 years and still counting. The logo for Zyklon B gas used in death camps during Hitler’s maniacal decade of irrational mass tyranny was three horizontal lines through a vertical line BUT the centre line was longer than the other two. By reducing the large centre line to a short one it symbolizes the reverse of POISON and mutates it to PURITY, There is a pattern you can create, a grid of crosses that reveals the negative spaces between all the solid P. crosses becomes swastikas. My lifelong connection with Tibet and its Buddhism has reminded me that Asia, and in fact most cultures have used the “sun wheel” motif in design and spiritual belief systems for literally thousands of years. The empty space represents that swastika as the symbol forever associated with Hitler’s insanity, a dark shadow, its potential for harm held back by the communal positivity of the Psychic Cross. The One True TOPI TRibe and all those who use it as a symbol of their personal quest for wisdom and positive, compassionate change are able to recognize like-minded individuals in a non-verbal reaction that bypassing imposed, suppressive cultural filters and block of conditioning allows more readily for positive contact with their ad hoc “tribe”. Burroughs and Gysin did a lot of research into heiroglyphics and concluded the collect and process information directly in the entire nervous system. There is no translation into formal, linear language. Magic is believed to “work” by passing a clear focused desire directly into a deep consciousness that enables our mind to be re-programmed for behavioral change. And until root redundant negative behavior, knee jerk fears, prejudices, self sabotage and other issues exploited by those who would maintain power and control over us, the human species will continue its ever more destructive loops and EVOLUTION will be left on hold. The Psychic cross, and this part is rickety due to our unfamiliarity with Japanese and Chinese (Gysin studied Japanese, Burroughs Mayan codices and Egyptian Hieroglyphs). We have been told by people with these 2 oriental languages as their first language that, if you remove the bottom horizontal it means honorable warrior in Japanese, in another variation it means connection to nature. We registered the Psychic Cross as our international trademark to have the option to prevent dishonorable or destructive, or meaningless profiteering. Once a group put a big P Cross on a CD release without asking permission knowing they would sell extra copies to the TOPI Tribe as they’d assume it WAS part of their gradually growing and precious TOPI cultural experiment.

Tattoo by Jed Eye Mindtrix