Swastika Drawing

Drawing by the Belgium Ruben

Swastika Mask

Colin Dale, Denmark, dressed his son Loki up a little, while in Italy

Swastika Jain Table

Massiv jain swastika table by Gavino Wenzl, Columbus, Georgia

Swastika Ohm

Work by the South African, Tyler Van Straten

Sichuan temple

Swastika Boyscouts

Chris BarbareeI found a pre-war boyscouts of america good luck coin today

Swastika Calcutta

A gate in Calcutta

Swastika Daft Punk

Marc Inkk Atkinson:
I like daft punk and swastikas, so I combined them.

Swastika König

The boat from Felix König / Germany

Swastika Thumbs

Work by Tyler Monaghan, Toledo, Ohio.