Swastika Fashionstore

This dress is sold in a fashionstore for older women in Iceland.

Swastika Sarcophagus

Sarcophagus of Girlands
Perge, 2nd Cen. AD
Antalya Museum

Photo: Steve

Swastika Film Fun

Film Fun magazine, 1922

Swastika Begijnenhof

Dimitri saw this entrance of the begijnenhof in Amsterdam

Swastika Chest

Work by George Drone

Swastika Ritual

Shechen monastery Nepal, at the conclusion of a 10 day ritual

Swastika Augusta Victoria

Augusta Victoria is a Hospital and Church located on the north side of Mount of Olives. It was built in 1907-1910, and named after Empress Augusta Victoria, the wife of German Kaiser Wilhelm II.

Swastika Daisy Dell

Daisy Dell Spices.

Swastika Multi Swastika

Jewelery made by Ma Karo from Armenia.

Swastika UpperLeg

My friend Nacho, Buenos Aires, did this floral tattoo.