Swastika Athena

Adornments not from today but still modern.
The Goddess Athena, Archaeological Museum of Olympia

Swastika San Juan

Susana visiting San Juan de Plan, Spain.
What a beautifull Lauburu.

Swastika Red

Tattoo by Carlos Deluna, Palma De Mallorca, Spain.
Current city

Swastika Potnia Theron

Potnia Theron, The Mistress of the Animals with a Gorgon's head, orientalizing plate, c. 600 BC, from Kameiros, Rhodes.

Swastika Blue Mosque

The Blue Mosque is a mosque in Yerevan, Armenia. During the Soviet era, because of atheist policy, the Mosque stopped its services and became the Museum of Yerevan. After the independence of Armenia, with the support from Iranian government, the premises again started acting as a Mosque.

Swastika Celtic Symbols

A set of Celtic Symbols.

Swastika Work

Work is calling.

Swastika Granada

Tattoo by Pierluigi, Granada, Spain.

Swastika Costume and Symbols

Latvian national costume and symbols.