Swastika Medicine Wheel

American native Pow Wow in action with the Medicine wheel

Swastika Present

Look here what Guy LeTatooer had as present from Karyasala, Italy

Swastika Meditating

Hindu devotee meditating on a sandy beach on the bank of the Ganges river near Rishikesh (India)
He made a small meditation garden with an Om and a Swastika sign made of grass in the sand.

Swastika World Symbol

This book and 8 other languages to choose you can free download here:

Swastika Skull EYes

Tattoo by Twist Letrange, London, England.

Swastika Sakura

Cherry Blossom (Sakura) and Swastika Patterned Dress, ca. 1883
In Japanese tradition, the sakura is the symbol for the fleeting nature of life and beauty, as well as morality. The swastika represented luck and auspiciousness.

Swastika Viva La Esvastica

This weekend in Montevideo, Uruguay, had the premiere of Viva La Esvastica an informationstand wich travels to tattooconventions in South America.
My friend Chiquita gives out free info flyers and explains by mouth, all the merchandising she sells converts in new flyers and stencils.

Swastika Letchashen

Armenian soldier from Letchashen, 15-14th centuries BC. Reconstructed by Prof. A. D. Tchagharian, National Museum of Armenian Ethnography and History of Liberal Struggle, the memorial complex of Sardarapat, Armavir, Armenia

Swastika Squanderbug

The Squander Bug was a World War II propaganda character created by the British National Savings Committee to discourage wasteful spending. Originally designed by freelance illustrator Phillip Boydell for press adverts, the character was widely used by other wartime artists in poster campaigns and political cartoons

Swastika ManWomanDay

The first results of ManWomanDay 2014 2nd edition