Swastika Ghee

Traditional Tibetan biscuits are made of milk dregs and ghee, which are popular in Tibet.

Swastika Sun King

Work by Maxim Sukharev

Swastika Lady

My friend Clare saw a shy Indian lady with this beautifull tattoos and asked if she could take a picture, she permitted

Swastika Autumn

Almost autumm in Mexico and Luisa is already preparating for it.

Swastika Key

Work by

Swastika St John

St John the Baptist Church in Shottesbrooke, Berkshire, UK
A late 14th-century brass to a priest and a layman in the church of St John the Baptist. The figures are 4 feet long and are placed under canopies.

Swastika Frame

My friend Nilo using the frame of my other friend, Ste

Swastika Doves

Fifth century Byzantine mosaic of two doves and a swastika preserved at the Beiteddine Palace in Lebanon.

Swastika Handpoked

Handpoked work by the Spanish Aida, Barcelona