Swastika Line 12

Metro Line 12 gold in México city - spotted by Edgar

Swastika Scout Jamboree

The 3rd World Scout Jamboree was held in 1929 at Arrowe Park in Upton, Merseyside, United Kingdom. As it was commemorating the 21st birthday of Scouting for Boys and the Scouting movement, it is also known as the Coming of Age Jamboree. With about 50,000 Scouts and over 300,000 visitors attending, this jamboree was the largest jamboree ever.
The photo shows the Polish scouts camp.

Swastika Arm

Tattoo by the Russian Sasha Sun Dreamm on her friend Zhenja

Swastika Ankara

Green Ankara african print gown with front slit
Aduke couture

Swastika Multiple Circles Twist

Art by GrassHopperMind:
I believe it is important to look beyond the narrow confines of western art and design for inspiration in one’s own work and I spend time researching arts and crafts from other times and other cultures including Japan, Polynesia, first nation America, and Africa. It is humbling to realise that artists and craftsmen for millennia have wrestled with and resolved the same visual problems that I try to do today.

Swastika Auto

Meanwhile in …….

Swastika Pedra Pintada

According to Prof. Marcel F. Homet this petroglyph is named by the native Brazilian people the ‘SONS OF THE SUN’.
These symbols are engraved in brazilian megalithic stone in Pedra Pintada, northern Amazon River basin of Brazil, discovered in 1963 by the french archaeologist Prof. Marcel F. Homet.
The petr0glyphs are estimated to be at least 10,000-years-old.

Down here the rock where it's on.

Swastika Arm

Tattoo by Evgeny Mel, Russia.

Swastika Francesca

Francesca always playing!