Swastika Triangle

Tattoo by Макс Журавлев, Voronezh, Russia.

Swastika Aomori Nebuta

Festival Aomori Nebuta Matsuri, Japan
The most widely known explanation is that the festival originated from the flutes and taiko future shogun Sakanoue no Tamuramaro used to attract the attention of the enemy during a battle in Mutsu Province. However, it is unlikely that Tamuramaro actually conducted military expeditions in what is currently Aomori Prefecture, so this explanation is considered to be a legend. The festival most likely evolved out of traditional Shinto ceremonies like Tanabata.

Swastika Ubud

Photo from Dov & Dilana from their travel to Bali in 2012

Swastika Hand

Tattoo by and on Shanna, Colorado springs.

Swastika Living Dying ARt

Today and tommorow the Wizzard Xed has an art exhibition in Norwich free entrance.
Take your chance and check it out

Down here the Wizzard Xed and my friend Ian who catched Xed on his exibition, no photocamara's allowed.

Swastika Peace and Love

With "Peace and Love, via Swastikas Ssome graphic designers are trying to embrace the pre-Nazi meaning of the symbol" starts the interview with Sinjun, friend of the postive Swastika.
Read here the complete article.

Swastika Roomboterkoekje

My Dutch friend Bart spotted this in his hometown Rotterdam

Swastika TopModel

Yes Topmodel!

Swastika Forms

Symbols from other times

Swastika Memorialday

Hi there people in this post i present you the photobook of ManWoman Memorialday of 2013.
Have fun watching and spreading this diamond.
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