Swastika Lucky Pig

A new participant in the range of luck
The lucky Pig - 1913

Swastika Arm

Work by Mauricio Betancourt Melgarejo‎, Malaga Spain

Swastika Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson Building, Washington Dc

Swastika Lombok

Lombok, Indonesia

Swastika Retrica

Nice couch Retrica!

Swastika Machine Holder

Francisco bought a machine holder the other day

Swastika Imbolc

The Dalai Lama, holds a gift of a St Brigid's cross during his visit to St Brigid's Church in Kildare, Ireland
The crosses are traditionally made in Ireland on St Brigid's feast day, 1 February, which was formerly celebrated as a pagan festival (Imbolc) marking the beginning of spring.

Swastika Finger

Work by my French friend Max Well

Swastika Potatoe

Swastika ManWoman

Happy Birthday my friend ManWoman