Swastika Esvastica

My friend Chiquita from Uruguay is lately quite bizzy promoting the positive Swastika
Check this poster out!

Swastika Italy and French

Today 2 languages more for the little educationbook
For the Italians and French people with a good SwastikaHeart - thanks to Francesca and Dominique
Learn and spread education share share share
Check the link also for English, Spanish and Dutch

Swastika ManWoman Earrings

Perfect for ManWoman Memorial day
ManWoman Swastika Earrings; orders contact at:

Updates on the event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1548379245381009

Swastika UnderArm

Tattoo by Corey Divine, Oakland, California.

Swastika Newton Stone

The Newton Stone contains two inscriptions. The first is an Ogham script in an indeterminate language possibly containing personal names, but the second has never been identified and became known from the early 19th century as the "unknown script". The Ogham script is engraved down the left-hand side of the stone and runs across part of its face, while across the top third of the stone, roughly central, is the unknown text or unidentified script which contains 6 lines comprising 48 characters in total.

This is the other side of the stone.

Swastika VinCa

VinCa Kolovrat
Four seasons of three months
in the circular flow of the spinning-wheel.

Swastika Gogo

Tattoo by my friend Gogo, Limasol, Cyprus.